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Please visit Ms. Sihly’s Literacy Resource Center to explore a wide range of resources and downloadable materials especially geared for children of all ages and their parents. 

Families play a powerful role in guiding children on the path to success. Parents and families are the essential partners that will enable the school to achieve its mission and ultimately empower children with the capacity to succeed in college and careers. In reaching that endeavor and in helping all children learn to achieve, parents, teachers, school leaders and students must work together.

I have created this website with that aim in mind. To facilitate learning for your children at home I have provided a plethora of resources and valuable tools to strengthen the home-school partnership. The pages can be easily accessed by parents and students. You will find learning resources for students in primary, intermediate, and secondary grade levels.

I have also included many valuable articles and information to keep you informed and abreast of current research and changes on the education forefront. With your assistance and support, we will help all our children achieve mastery. Please feel free to navigate through the pages on the left.  Remember to check back often for updates and additions to the website.

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Tagrid Sihly

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