Leadership Philosophy


As an instructional leader and educator I aim to lead a school that inspires a love for learning and respects the dignity of every child. As an aspiring school leader, I will utilize all resources to support teachers and help them to facilitate learning for children as they develop into critical thinkers and problem-solvers capable of making wise choices. 

My objective as an instructional leader is to …

  • Work diligently with teachers and staff to ascertain that all children develop feelings of self-worth and independence while learning and achieving at high levels.

  • Provide teachers with guidance and support by facilitating opportunities for ongoing professional development.

  • Provide ample opportunities within the schedule for targeted, collaborative planning to ensure that educators share a common understanding of the data.

  • Promote professional dialogue spurred by inquiry and analysis of data for the purpose of designing instruction and assessments that make learning and achievement accessible for all students.

I adamantly believe that learning is enhanced in an environment that honors diversity and inspires respect for different cultures, beliefs, and learning styles.   As a community of learners, we also need to develop understanding and respect of each other’s perspectives.  In essence, we must establish an environment that promotes mutual respect and trust.  In my school community, everyone is a respected learner.

As a dynamic school leader, I strive to be constantly evolving and improving my practice to establish a school community that thrives on creative tension and constant growth. Every member of this community must be guided by the shared vision that every child can learn and achieve with the right guidance, support, and commitment. Everyone plays a vital role in shaping and nurturing each child. Together we help inspire children and empower them with the necessary tools to succeed.

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