Effective Leadership

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.

– John F. Kennedy, Jr.

An effective leader is continually learning and exploring innovative ways to improve her practice and that of the organization she leads. In this new age of reform  where technological advances are happening with the blink of an eye, we must always be willing to embrace and implement change to improve the work of schools; we must  continue to empower ourselves and those we lead with the necessary learning to achieve success and sustain change.


An Effective Leader…
  • creates a trusting, caring, and nurturing environment.
  • is primarily concerned with student learning and achievement.
  • walks the talk and serves as a positive role model.
  • treats every member of the school community with dignity and respect.
  • provides necessary resources to help teachers facilitate learning for all children.
  • cares about her followers and recognizes their successes in meaningful, genuine ways.
  • provides support and ongoing training  for teachers and staff.
  • is guided by values and beliefs about quality education.
  • has a clear vision for success and designs for the achievement of that vision.
  • promotes collaborative dialogue and involves all stakeholders in the decision-making process.
  • uses inquiry to learn more about the school culture and exercises good listening skills.
  • supports the entire school community in embracing innovations.
  • ascertains that teachers and staff are provided with quality professional development opportunities.
  • recruits effective teachers with the capacity to provide instructional leadership in the classroom.